Butt-welding equipment

Butt-welding machines are used for welding pipes and fittings for water , gas and other fluids networks under pressure. It can weld high density polyethylene pipes PEHD, polypropylene PP and PVC.

Multi-functional welding equipment

Multifunctional welding machine is use for welding PP and PE electrofusion fittings up to the 315 mm diameter.

Electrofusion welding machine

Electrofusion welding machine is used for welding PP and PE electrofusion fittings with voltages between 8 and 48 V for installation under pressure.

Data collector equipment

Data control machine, RItmo Inspector, is controlling, registering and printing out a PDF report of the entire welding process. This can be used for all but-welding Ritmo machines.

Portable extruder - Stargun

Extrusion welders are dedicated to operations that require a large volume of extruded material. Suitable for welding geo-membranes, geo-textiles, sheets, pipes and thick materials.